What do we do

The Volunteer Health Program, Ltd. (VHP) is a nonprofit health care program, which focuses on primary medical and surgical eye care to under-served rural areas in Central America and the Dominican Republic. Specifically, we perform cataract surgery, strabismus (muscle surgery for children), plastic surgery and other eye surgery as needed.


How Can I Make a Donation



Monetary donations are the most useful means of helping the VHP accomplish our goals


Who Can Volunteer



The Volunteer Health Program is happy to accept applications from anyone with training in the ophthalmic care field. This includes physicians, nurses, ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic assistants, operating room technicians or other ophthalmic specialists. We carefully screen all applications for suitability and ability of the individual to integrate into the existing team as a whole.


What is ILAC



ILAC stands for Institute for Latin American Concern. ILAC has been in existence for 30 years beginning at Creighton University in Nebraska. ILAC's programs in the Dominican Republic include dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. High school, undergraduate and professional medical/surgical teams have the opportunity to learn, to serve and be served in the Dominican Republic.


Where is the ILAC Mission



The ILAC mission and facilities are located in Licey al Medio a suburb about 5 miles outside of Santiago de los Caballeros the second largest city after Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  


What are the Surgical and Medical Facilities Like


On January 6, 2004 a new outpatient clinic and surgical center adjacent to the ILAC center in Licey al Medio was dedicated. It consists of a clinic area with multiple examining rooms and a surgical building with three large operating rooms, pre-anesthesia holding area and recovery room. It is completely air conditioned and has its own power source consisting of diesel fired generators.


Where Do Volunteers Sleep


The ILAC center compound is located on 4.2 acres of land. Its facilities include multiple dormitory type rooms that are suitable for two to eight people depending upon the size as well as ten "casitas" which are small bungalow style cabins.


Where and What Do We Eat



There is a cafeteria on the grounds that serves excellent, nourishing Dominican style food. Rice and beans are a staple of the diet in the Dominican Republic. Fresh fruit as well as fresh vegetables which are mostly grown on the compound is abundantly provided. Distilled, purified water is always available at all locations on the campus.


Can I Drink the Water



We advise the volunteers not to drink the water from the tap. Distilled purified water is available from water coolers at all sites around the campus. We also advise all volunteers to drink plenty of water since the climate is tropical and it is easy to become dehydrated and quite uncomfortable without realizing it.


How Do I Apply

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